Our Virtual COO Program

Our Virtual COO services are designed to deliver on the necessary planning and execution to position your business forward.

We deliver on a Four-Phased approach designed to engage, ascertain, analyze and execute on a longer-term business strategy, and we remain a critical member of your leadership team throughout the process.

Have you answered these questions?
How do I gain a head start on the market and my competition?
What is the current state of my business?
With the tremendous leadership challenges confronting me and what type of assistance do I need?

The RealChange Virtual COO program is designed to have a Chief Operating Officer help you navigate and operate your business. Just like a pilot has a flight plan, the Virtual COO program provides you with an operating document that points out your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) along with the necessary elements needed to help you run and operate the business going forward. We compile your existing plans, financials and operational plans /setup then put them together into a Virtual COO package combined with a Consulting Review.

The value to you is an assessment of where you are now and what you can utilize to return to growth. Followed by how to implement the various strategies and changes that your organization needs going forward. 

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