Mergers and Acquisitions
and Succession Planning

Why should real estate services firms have a Valuation?

We typically see the following items as drivers for a valuation:
· to understand shareholder value,
· partner buy-outs,
· to bring partners in,
· possible sale of the company- internal sale or external sale,
· estate planning, and other items 

In addition, benchmarking the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) of the business gives the leaders of the team a roadmap to manage best practices and/or the deployment of resources.

The RealChange team provides valuation services through a multi-phase process that involves the best practices of the industry with the unique needs of each firm.

Succession Plan: Can you afford not to have one?

What if you have a life event or economic crisis?

Helps to identify key people:
 Whether internal or external - these are the key people who can take over, run the business, and keep it moving forward.

Gives an exit strategy: An exit strategy allows owners, managers, leaders to transition out of job or ownership into another career or retirement.

It is extremely important to have a Succession Plan

The impact of owner succession can be positive or negative depending on how the transition is managed.

We can review the Succession Plan you currently have in place to confirm that you are covered for any situation that may arise and thoroughly understand the process to accomplish your exit strategy. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

What is the M&A process from the Sell Side or the Buy Side? What are the steps/phases of the M&A process?

You have worked hard to build a business and create a legacy. Selling or Buying a business is a high stake and emotional event. Added to that is the unique nature of our industry where the assets of the firm are our people, the revenue streams of the firm are literally walking around you every day.

The RealChange team has an approach to help guide you through the final few steps to realizing the value you have worked so hard to achieve.

The steps are simple, it is the execution of them that are key:
Making the decision to buy or sell
Understanding the Buy Side/Sell Side market
Preparing the business for Sale or Purchase
The deal processes.
Preparing for life after the deal.

There are many other areas to account for. Please request a free consultation with the RealChange team to address your unique needs and challenges.

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