Organizational Design

Does your organization align with the strategies you've established?

Overview of What We Do

The RealChange team diagnoses your organization's “Current State” then charts a path toward selected actions to move you and your team toward effective and profitable execution.

We have seen many different real estate firms and cultures from the
· Passive -Aggressive: “ Everyone agrees, but nothing changes”
· To the Outdated: “The good old days meets a brave new world “
· To the Fits and Starts: “Let's try 100 things at once”
· To the Resilient firm: “Aligned behind a coherent business strategy and flexible enough to adapt quickly to market shifts.”

Our service is designed to address where you are and how to get you where you need to be.

We look at the internal drivers and deployment of your internal resources- People, Processes, Operations and Technology to see how these resources are transferred into the external market environment. With the ever-changing market and the size of the organization, it is not uncommon to see that the alignment of different departments is neither in alignment with the overall goals of the firm nor in alignment with each other.

Our proven methodology helps firms to see where the challenges and opportunities exist, then put in place an action plan to execute.