Leadership Training

The RealChange team has a proven track record in leading real estate services organizations and developing future leaders. 

Leading a Real Estate Services organization is a challenging endeavor and a very rewarding one professionally and personally.

We believe this is a critical area that is not addressed adequately by the industry and is key to the long-term success of most firms.

We have found that leaders are made not born and that motivated individuals can adopt a set of skills that will make them into a true leader that can integrate Strategy, Operations, Culture, and Tactics.  These skills transfer into higher productivity and profitability.

With the current market, the movement from Strategy to Operations to Tactics is a matter of survival.

The RealChange leadership training program is designed to help real estate service business owners, leaders, managers and future leaders understand the whole job of leadership from a holistic standpoint. The foundation of the leadership model is what we call “The Seven Pillars of Success”: there are 4 operational pillars and 3 revenue pillars. The seven pillars are Planning, Organizing, Finance, Leadership, Recruiting, Training and Business Development.

Many other areas are covered such as Emotional Intelligence, Organizational Health (Culture) and Coaching, however, the fundamentals of running a real estate services business are key.

Our Leadership Training furnishes your team with a skill set to run the business now and into the future.