Advisory Services

Leadership is a lonely job, we know, we have literally sat in your chair.

The RealChange Founders have over 80 years of Real Estate services experience and have operated real estate services businesses on a local, regional, national and global scale. Our coaching and counseling service is base on real-world experience and not theoretical concepts.

We are in a very unique business, the assets of the company walk in and out of the door every day, how you grow them and coach them is key.

What does that mean to you? We have worked with and coached many leaders during our careers. Our purpose is to help you navigate through the change you are going through.

Change is Opportunity if viewed from the right perspective.

Creating a strategy, setting the Operations to support your objectives and then Implementing it are all very different skill sets. The RealChange Advisory Service will customize its advice around your unique needs.

Have you answered these questions?

·  How do I change the Strategy of my firm?
·  How do I align the Operations of my teams?
·  Who is Accountable for the implementation?