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These are uncertain times, however, as leaders, we cannot be uncertain about the actions necessary.

Why Us?

Our RealChange partners have been engaged in the real estate services business for 60+ years combined. We have advised hundreds of brokerage professionals in developing the strategies necessary to maximize performance and market opportunity. Our experience through past disruptive economic cycles confirms the following evolving process: Urgency, Stabilization, and Recovery. RealChange was established with one primary objective: To provide executive-level analysis and advisory services for real estate brokerage companies. We help you focus on the long-term financial and operational health of your company while providing experience-backed guidance and counsel to manage through challenging markets.

Our Experience

RealChange is a team of RealLeaders who have operated global real estate enterprises through depressed economic and crisis environments. We are ready to help you position your organization for long-term success through our consulting and advisory services. 

The long-term success and growth of your business require a tremendous amount of thought, analysis, planning and execution. Our Virtual COO services are designed to deliver on the necessary planning and execution to position your business forward. We deliver on a Three-Phased approach designed to engage, ascertain, analyze and execute on a longer-term business strategy, and we remain as a critical member of your leadership team throughout the process.


Who are you going to trust to guide you through the necessary steps to well-position your company in these uncertain times?

How do I gain a head start on the market and my competition?

Leadership is a lonely job. Who do you go to for answers?

Who in your organization is equipped with a skill set to run the business now and into the future?

Does your organization align with the strategies you have established?

What's your personal and corporate 5-year plan?

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